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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

This week's show is going to be spotless!  We're joined by Elodie Yung and Martha Millan from Fox's new hit series, The Cleaning Lady.  They talk about the many interesting aspects of the series, characters pushing the limits in entering morally grey areas and much more.  Plus, find out why these two have so much fun together both on and off of the set.  You might even get a few hints at future episodes!  WATCH THE CLEANING LADY MONDAY NIGHTS AT 9PM ON FOX!

We also know that Peacemaker premiered on HBO Max this week.  That's one of the reason that Alison Araya is joining us!  She talks to us about her experience on the set, working with John Cena and James Gunn and also gives us a bit of info on her character Amber.  She also talks to us about another show she's a part of this week, Brazen on Netflix.   You won't want to miss either one!  PEACEMAKER IS NOW STREAMING ON HBO MAX AND BRAZEN IS NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX!

Nerd news returns this week to look at another expansion to the Arrowverse with David Ramsey at the helm.  There's also news about The Batman and more disappointment for Pixar.  You can also hear our reviews of the Superman & Lois Season 2 premiere and the series premiere of Naomi, both from The CW.  We also talk about the trailers for KIMI and The Bob's Burgers Movie, so it's a jam packed show once again.

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