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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Nov 12, 2021

This week we're taking you inside the prison walls and inside the mind!  First, we're talking about the new Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown.  Get the inside scoop on the new series as we talk to members of the cast like Jeremy Renner, Diane Wiest, Hugh Dillon, Emma Laird, Taylor Handley & Tobi Bamtefa.  They'll tell us about putting the spotlight on a prison town and how that leads to some big family drama.  WATCH MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN STARTING SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH ON PARAMOUNT+!

Last week you heard our interview of the Apple TV+ series, Dr. Brain.  This week, we're talking to the cast about the new hit series!  You'll hear from director Kim Jee-won, along with cast members Lee Sun-Kyun, Lee You-Young, Park Hee-Soon, Seo Ji-Hye and Lee Jae-Won.  We talk a lot about brain syncs and the unique relationships between the characters and Sewon.  You'll hear their answers both in English AND Korean!  WATCH DR. BRAIN EVERY THURSDAY ON APPLE TV+!

We're not done yet!  Hear our review of the Supergirl series finale and the new holiday movie, Home Sweet Home Alone.  We also talk about some big trailers and fans freaking out again over a Spider-Man: No Way Home story.

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