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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Oct 8, 2021

The art of the grift continues!  The remaining episodes of Season 1 of Leverage: Redemption have finally arrived on IMDb TV.  We celebrate by bringing some cast members back to the show, and the producers!  Hear Gina Bellman and Aleyse Shannon talk about the response from hardcore Leverage fans, what is in store for these next eight episodes and who the best hacker on the team really is.  Producers Dean Devlin and Kate Rorick also talk to us about the return of RIZ Security, the show's amazing guest stars and maybe even some Season 2 plans.  WATCH LEVERAGE: REDEMPTION FOR FREE NOW ON IMDB TV!

It's another big review week as well, now that we finally got a chance to see Free Guy.  We also tackle Night of the Animated Dead and the new Netflix series, A Tale Dark & Grimm.  We also discuss the House of the Dragon trailer, the oddity surrounding the Hotel Transylvania 4 release and a double dose of Legends of Tomorrow news!

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