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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

What will we do without the Batman?  We'll find out next year when Gotham Knights is released, in a game that features the Bat Family.  We have one of the member on the show this week, Sloane Morgan Siegel, who plays Tim Drake.  He talks about how he approached the role, who he loves to interact with inside the Bat Family team and we try to get more info about Gotham Knights!  Plus, Sloane is a huge comic book and action figure guy, so expect a lot of talk about DC Comics and Transformers.  GOTHAM KNIGHTS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 2022 FROM WB GAMES MONTREAL!

It was a BIG week for Nerd News, so you know that we're talking about the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.  We also talk about the next Arrowverse crossover, another DC Film coming to HBO Max and some other interesting trailers as well.  Plus we have reviews of both The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and the Season 6 midseason premiere of Supergirl.  Throw in some comic book reviews, and other thoughts, and it's another BIG show!

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