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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Aug 20, 2021

From the high seas to the eerie estate.  This week we're talking about the new EPIX series Chapelwaite with executive producers Donald De Line, Jason and Peter Filardi!  We'll ask them about taking on this Stephen King story, the perception surrounding the Boone family and why Charles Boone could be the one to break the curse.  Plus find out their favorite episodes of this season.  WATCH CHAPELWAITE BEGINNING SUNDAY, AUGUST 22ND ON EPIX!

We're also stepping back into the ring to talk about Heels from Starz.  This week we're joined by Mary McCormick (Willie), Chris Bauer (Wild Bill), James Harrison (Apocalypse) and Allen Maldonado (Rooster) to talk about what's in store for us the rest of this season.  WATCH HEELS EVERY SUNDAY AT 9PM ON STARZ AND ON THE STARZ APP!

Another guest joining us this week is writer Ricky Mammone.  He'll talk about his new Image Comics series, Second Chances.  Find out why the book has such an appropriate title, how French New Wave inspired the book and the noir style of the art.  Plus get some inside info on characters like Leblanc, Miss Nobody and more!  ISSUE 1 OF SECOND CHANCES IS AVAILABLE NOW AT YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK SHOP AND DIGITAL RETAILERS!

Plus we have the triumphant return of Nerd News this week to talk about Anthony Mackie returning as Cap, a big character added to the Black Panther sequel, a new He-Man trailer and much more!  We also dive into the Superman & Lois Season 1 finale with plenty of spoilers!  Don't miss a minute!

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