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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

It's another huge week filled with top notch guests!  We start by talking about the final season of Bosch with the man himself, Titus Welliver!  He talks about thinking he was saying goodbye to the show while shooting during a pandemic, how personal this final case will be for Harry, his close relationship with his daughter and much more.  Plus, nobody dives into the mind of Harry Bosch like Titus, so you'll love hearing him talk about this incredible character.  STREAM THE FINAL SEASON OF BOSCH RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO!

Next up, we're talking about Motherland: Fort Salem and taking a deeper look at Season 2 with series creator Eliot Laurence.  We talk about some of the biggest moments from the Season 2 premiere including what's going on with Tally, Anacostia going rogue, the pressure being put on Alder and much more.  Eliot also teases a look at some of the new characters we'll see and the motives of the Camarilla.  WATCH MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM EVERY TUESDAY ON FREEFORM AND NEXT DAY ON HULU!

Speaking of Hulu, we also have Zainab Jah from Hulu's next big movie release, False Positive.  She talks about her mysterious character of Grace Singleton, how the film deals with the pressure on women to get pregnant and the eerie tone of this psychological thriller.  WATCH FALSE POSITIVE, NOW STREAMING ON HULU!

If that wasn't enough we still have a spoiler filled review of Batman: The Long Halloween Part One, some Supernatural spinoff drama, a new Transformers movie in the works and a couple of very interesting trailers.  This is one of those weeks where you won't to miss a second!

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