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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

It's time to see if we can survive The Great Crumble.  Sweet Tooth is now streaming on Netflix, and we are celebrating by talking to it's two biggest stars!  Christian Convery (Gus/Sweet Tooth) and Nonso Anozie (Jeppard/Big Man) join us this week to talk about this unlikely pair.  They'll tell us what they might be able to learn about each other, how dangerous the world of Sweet Tooth actually is and so much more.  Plus we toss around some ideas for a team name for them both!  WATCH SWEET TOOTH, NOW STREAMING ON NETFLIX!

We're also joined by another guest to talk about a new story from Marvel Press!  New York Times bestselling author Mackenzi Lee joins the show to talk about her new book Gamora & Nebula: Sisters In Arms.  She talks about telling the story of a younger Gamora and Nebula, about their sibling rivalry and this dirty world that they are exploring.  We also talk about those mystery characters and easter eggs!  GAMORA & NEBULA: SISTERS IN ARMS IS NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE BOOKS AND EBOOKS ARE SOLD!

We also have a review of the Disney animated short Us Again, we break down the unfortunate news about Jupiter's Legacy and bring back our comic book reviews!  Plus, why does Ryder look so weird in the trailer for Paw Patrol: The Movie?  We'll discuss that and so much more!

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