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Down And Nerdy Podcast

May 7, 2021

This week's show is both fire AND legendary!  We start off by talking to Rochelle Neil (Bonfire Annie) and Vinnie Heaven (Nimble) from The Nevers.  Find out what they say about the unique chemistry between their two characters, where their allegiances lie and plenty of teases of what's to come.  Plus you won't want to miss our hilarious talk about who has the best hat game on the show!  WATCH THE NEVERS EVERY SUNDAY AT 9PM ET ON HBO AND HBO MAX!

Next we chat with Adam Tsekhman, who plays Gary on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  When did he find out that Gary was an alien?  We'll ask him that plus he talks about where Gary could fit into Ava and Sarah's wedding, how much we'll find out about his alien past and how the glasses work so well at hiding his identity.  Plus we'll talk about Gary's most famous scene ever (yes, THAT scene!)  WATCH DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT AT 8PM ET ON THE CW AND NEXT DAY ON THE CW APP!

We won't stop there, because we still have to review both Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy for you!  We also talk about Lady Killer coming to the screen, Red Sonja finally being cast, that mysterious Stranger Things Season 4 teaser and much more!

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