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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

This week's show is standing tall with THREE big interviews.  None bigger than the tallest member of the Touched!  Anna Devlin joins the show this week to talk about playing Primrose on The Nevers.  Find out how the effects team made her larger than life, Anna takes us inside the mind of Primrose and the challenges of her turn at her age.  We also talk about what other abilities that she might want to have if she could choose.  WATCH THE NEVERS SUNDAYS AT 9PM ON HBO AND HBO MAX!

We also chat with director Dominic Cooke this week about The Courier.  He talks about bringing this virtually unknown Cold War story to the screen, working with Benedict Cumberbatch and Merab Ninidze and the early days of the CIA.  Plus we also talk sequel potential!  WATCH THE COURIER, NOW AVAILABLE VIA PREMIUM ON DEMAND, AND IN THEATERS!

Finally, we're joined by the Ghost Brothers themselves, Dalen Spratt and Juwan Mass!  The guys talk about their newest show, Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, which premieres on Discovery+ this Saturday.  They also tell us some great ghost stories from their past, how they became friends and how the show came together.  Plus, Dalen gives us some EXCLUSIVE information about what could have been this season!  GHOST BROTHERS: LIGHTS OUT IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON DISCOVER+.

You think that's it?  We have more!  Hear a spoiler filled review of the Painkiller soft pilot, a couple of very interesting comics from Marvel and DC, along with some big RESIDENT EVIL news.  Plus, everyone else gave their Fantastic 4 fan casting, so we share ours.  It's an hour jam packed with nerdy goodness!

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