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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Apr 9, 2021

Could you be one of the Touched?  Enter the world of HBO's newest sci-fi, fantasy series The Nevers with us this week!  We're talking to Kiran Sonia Sawar about playing Harriet, who is one of the Touched in the series.  We talk to her about all of the threats in the series, what her character thinks of Amalia True and living with her fellow Orphans.  Plus she gives us an amazing tease of what's to come!  WATCH THE NEVERS EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT ON HBO AND AGAIN ON HBO MAX!

We also have the amazing Bevin Bru on the show this week to talk about playing Angelique on Batwoman.  After the last shocking episode, is this it for Ryan and Angelique?  We ask her about that, we look back on some of her best episodes and we even look at what the future might look like for her on the show.  Bevin also teases a somewhat familiar storyline that she would love to see and you won't want to miss it.  WATCH BATWOMAN EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT ON THE CW!

Speaking of The CW, we also have a spoiler filled review of the Kung Fu reboot series.  We'll also tackle this week's biggest trailers including Jupiter's Legacy, Batman: The Long Halloween Part One and others.  We also talk about the big Game of Thrones anniversary celebration this month, talk about a couple new comics from the past week and much more.

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