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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

Maybe one of our biggest and most jam packed shows EVER!  First we have our SPOILER FREE reviews of both Zack Snyder's Justice League AND The Falcon And The Winter Soldier!  We'll tell you why it will be a big weekend of streaming for you on both HBO Max and Disney+, and you'll get our opinion on both.

That leads into another TRIPLE interview week!  We'll start off talking Resident Alien with Sara Tomko (Asta) and Chris Sheridan (EP/Showrunner).  After that critical 8th episode, they'll talk about what is coming up for the rest of this season as we lead into the upcoming finale.  Plus, find out who they say is the key to saving the world.  WATCH RESIDENT ALIEN EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT ON SYFY!

We're not done talking about SAS: Red Notice either.  We'll talk to the man who literally wrote the book on it, Andy McNab.  He's a former SAS agent himself, and best selling author of amazing stories like Red Notice.  He talks about bringing authenticity to the set and the future of Tom Buckingham on screen.  WATCH SAS: RED NOTICE NOW IN THEATERS AND VIDEO ON DEMAND!

Finally, we get to talk comics and more with writer Rodney Barnes.  We look back on the last couple of volumes of his masterpiece, Killadelphia from Image Comics.  He'll also tell us who he hopes to cast in the upcoming TV adaptation of the story, and it's a big one!  Plus we'll talk about his work with Marvel both on the page and on screen.  KILLADELPHIA VOL. 1 AND 2 ARE AVAILABLE NOW!  ISSUE 13 WILL BE AVAILABLE ON MAY 26TH.

We're not done, because we still have to talk about nerd news items like a possible Hourman movie, some Naomi casting news and a new Captain American comic that left some fans feeling triggered.  It's our longest show in a long time, but this seems to be the week for that.

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