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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

It's a super-sized edition of the show this week with MULTIPLE guests!  This week we're featuring the new NBC sci-fi series Debris with members of the cast Scroobius Pip (Anson Ash) and Norbert Leo Butz (Maddox).  We'll talk to them about who the good guys are in the series, about the secrets being kept on the show, what this alien debris is capable of and so much more.  Plus, you can hear the rivalry brewing between the two sides in our chat!  WATCH DEBRIS BEGINNING MONDAY, MARCH 1ST AT 10PM ON NBC!

Along with our review of Amazon's Tell Me Your Secrets, you can also hear our chat with Chiara Aurelia (Rose) and Ashley Madekwe (Lisa).  They'll talk about the impacts their characters have on the series and tease some of the twists.  Just in case you need another reason to watch Tell Me Your Secrets on Amazon Prime Video.

Finally we're joined by the new narrator of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, Steve French!  He talks about the huge responsibility following in the footsteps of the great Robert Stack, what he enjoys most about doing the show and how the series is about much more than cool stories.  Plus we'll find out just how scared he is of the paranormal stories.  Listen to the Unsolved Mysteries podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

WE'RE NOT DONE!  We also discuss all the Spider-Man news of the week, some big Disney+ release dates, a new G.I. Joe series in the works and a couple of very interesting new trailers.  We haven't had a show this big in a long time, so enjoy every second!

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