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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Feb 12, 2021

Ready for the sights and sounds of Wakanda?  Serial Box takes us there with Marvel's Black Panther: Sins of the King, and this week, we take a deep dive with writers Tananarive Due and Steve Barnes.  The husband and wife duo talk to us about what the character means to Black culture, being able to explore a bit more of Wakanda in their story, framing action sequences without art and so much more.  Plus, Serial Box even provided us with a clip from one of the episodes, narrated by William Jackson Harper!  MARVEL'S BLACK PANTHER: SINS OF THE KING IS NOW AVAILABLE TO READ OR LISTEN TO ON SERIAL BOX!

It was also a BIG nerd news week!  We talk about who will lead the new HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer, some big animation projects and Amazon landing a big deal with Michael B. Jordan.  We also have TWO reviews this week, with the Black Lightning Season 4 premiere and the debut of Marvel's Behind The Mask on Disney+.  We even sneak in some comics talk, too!

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