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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

Welcome to Patience, Colorado!  The new SYFY series Resident Alien premiered this week, so we're bringing you interviews with members of the amazing cast!  Hear Sara Tomko (Asta), Alice Wetterlund (D'Arcy), Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike) and Levi Fiehler (Mayor Ben) talk about this unique new show.  We even get into a few minor spoilers about the first episode, including how well aliens hold their liquor!  WATCH RESIDENT ALIEN WEDNESDAYS AT 10PM ON SYFY!

It was a very interesting nerd news week so we're talking about everything from comic conventions at sea to some very different trailers.  It was also a big week for Netflix, so we'll talk about the Skull Island and Tomb Raider anime series, as well as The Sandman casting news.  If that wasn't enough, we have some comics to review AND the Season 2 premiere of Snowpiercer!  No matter what your fandom, we're feeding it this week!

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