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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

The war for England is almost here!  Pennyworth finally begins it's second season this Sunday, and we have the man who wants to escape it.  Jack Bannon joins us this week to talk about what's going on with Alfred at the start of Season 2 in the Pennyworth series.  We'll talk about what he went through last season, just how bad things are in England, what Alfred's next move is and much more.  Plus, could Alfred's love life be getting more interesting?  Find out!  WATCH PENNYWORTH SUNDAYS ON EPIX!

There was A LOT of news out of the Disney Investors presentation, and we tackle the biggest stories regarding both Marvel and Star Wars.  That includes the Loki trailer, the Andor trailer, first looks at Falcon and The Winter Soldier and What If!  We also talk about all of the crazy Spider-Man 3 casting chatter, review the new Amazon series The Wilds and a couple of new comics as well.

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