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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

Something never before seen is coming to Netflix!  This week we talk to Bradley James about playing Felix Sparks in The Liberator on Netflix.  He'll talk to us about the new Trioscope style that the series was shot in, how this story differs from other World War II era stories, how he prepared for the role and much more.  Plus, something you might not have known from the make-up chair on the set.  WATCH THE LIBERATOR ON VETERAN'S DAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, ONLY ON NETFLIX!

It was a slow nerd news week, but we still managed to talk about more movie delays, confirm a new 007 and even spread a little LEGO Star Wars holiday cheer.  We also review the HBO Max series Two Weeks to live and a couple of big comic book releases from DC and Marvel.

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