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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

Where is Utopia?  It's on our show this week!  We're talking to Desmin Borges about playing Wilson Wilson on Amazon's conspiracy thriller.  Find out what his favorite thing about Wilson is, how important Wilson's circle of friends are, how the cast kept things light on set and more.  Plus we talk to him about THAT scene from Episode 2!  WATCH SEASON 1 OF UTOPIA NOW ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO!

Speaking of Amazon, we also have an early and spoiler free review of Truth Seekers.  We also talk about the demise of Quibi, The Joker coming to The Snyder Cut and more nerd news.  We also dive into the pages of something new with Harley Quinn and Rick Remender's newest story, Scumbag.

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