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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Sep 4, 2020

It's a double dose of interviews from the biggest things you'll be streaming this weekend!  We kick things off with the cast of the new HBO Max series Raised By Wolves!  We're joined by Travis Fimmel (Marcus), Niamh Algar (Sue), Amanda Collin (Mother) and Abubakar Salim (Father) to talk about both sides of this epic story.  From the religious aspects of the show to android parenting styles, you'll get a great idea of what this new series is all about.  Plus, dad jokes!  RAISED BY WOLVES IS STREAMING NOW ON HBO MAX!

You'll also hear from Jun Yu, who plays Cricket on Disney's Mulan.  Hear him talk about the role of a lifetime, what Cricket's role is in the movie, how close he is with Mulan and much more.  Plus hear about something he'll always remember about his final day of shooting the film.  WATCH DISNEY'S MULAN RIGHT NOW ON DISNEY+ THROUGH PREMIERE ACCESS!

That's not all!  You can also get our SPOILER FREE review of the first few episodes of The Boys Season 2.  We also review the new Hellblazer and Black Widow #1 issues.  If that's not all, nerd news includes some pretty strong words from John Boyega about his Star Wars role, news about a Silk live action series and us telling Cobra Kai fans to quit whining.

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