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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Aug 21, 2020

Who needs a hug?  It's 2020, we all do!  That's why we brought Ella Lopez herself on the show this week.  Aimee Garcia joins us to talk about Season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix.  We look back at some of the big moments from Season 4, tease Ella's love interest and talk about what might happen if Ella meets God!  Plus, you'll love the story she tells about Ella's makeout session with Dan last season.  SEASON 5 OF LUCIFER IS STREAMING NOW ON FOX!

You can also get our spoiler filled review of Deathstroke - Knights & Dragons The Movie, find out what we think about the last minute change to DC's FanDome event and you won't believe who is joining The Boys in Season 3.  Plus our comic book review, including a big week for Thor.

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