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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Aug 7, 2020

Looking to cool off this summer?  We've found just the guy!  We're talking to Neil Jackson, who plays Icicle on DC's Stargirl!  Hear him talk about his first impressions of the character, how he felt when he found out what Project New America really was and he'll even tease the Season 1 finale for us.  You'll also hear a hilarious story about him living with Christopher James Baker (Brainwave) that you won't want to miss.  WATCH THE SEASON 1 FINALE OF DC'S STARGIRL MONDAY ON DC UNIVERSE AND TUESDAY AT 8PM ON THE CW!

We have so much more for you this week as well!  Hear our SPOILER FILLED review of Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, our thoughts on Mulan heading to Disney+ and so many new and unique trailers to talk about.  Plus, we tease the big twist in Empyre #4 this week.

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