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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Mar 14, 2019

We're coming at you one day earlier than usual to get you ready for the spring finale of Siren Season 2! Alex Roe (Ben) joins us to talk about tonight's explosive finale, Ben's addiction to the siren song, the relationship with Maddie and Ryn and MUCH more! You won't want to miss his personal insights into what Ben has been going through this season. WATCH THE SEASON 2 SPRING FINALE OF SIREN TONIGHT (THURSDAY 3/14) AT 8PM ET ON FREEFORM! We also have our SPOILER FILLED review of Captain Marvel, which is sure to be controversial. There's also news of yet another Marvel series heading to Disney+, another change coming to the Arrowverse and yet another new Deathstroke heading to DC TV. All that and we haven't even mentioned the comics yet! Don't miss a minute! Find out more about this week's show, and catch up on past weeks, at