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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Mar 8, 2019

We're owning Monday night TV this week! The 2 hour season finale of The Passage is happening on Fox this week, and we called on Sister Lacey to save us! Hear us talk to Kecia Lewis about how important Lacey has been to the story, what it's like to be a nun/military instructor and even a tease to what he role might be in the finale! Before that, hear us talk Cassandra Freeman from NBC's The Enemy Within. She talks to us about playing Jaqueline Pettigrew, joining the show 3 episodes in, how being a mom gave her a different perspective on the show and so much more! Watch The Passage starting at 8pm ET on Fox, then watch The Enemy Within at 10pm ET on NBC! If that wasn't enough, we have more big news on the Suicide Squad sequel, as well as the Disney+ streaming service. You know we can't resist talking about Arrow, the Cobra Kai Season 2 trailer and some new comics as well. So much nerdy goodness all in under an hour! Find out more about us, and listen to past shows, at