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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Dec 28, 2018

The final season of Gotham is upon us! This week we welcome David Mazouz back to the show to premiere you for the premiere of Gotham Season 5 on Thursday, January 3rd at 8pm ET on Fox! Hear him talk about some favorite moments on the show, what it's been like to play Bruce for so long and he even teases an iconic battle coming in the final season! Make sure you watch the Season 5 premiere this Thursday to start your New Year off right! While we were off during the holidays, we did miss out on a few things. So we catch up with our SPOILER FILLED reviews of Aquaman and the first episode of Deadly Class. We also find some comics to talk about in a slow week, and a slow week for nerd news as well. If you want more from us, head to