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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Aug 31, 2018

A universe is about to be born! We're celebrating the announcement of the launch of DC Universe on September 15th by highlighting one of their shows. This week, hear from the cast and creative team behind Young Justice: Outsiders! At SDCC this year we chatted with Jamie Thomason (Casting and Dialogue Director), Brandon Vietti (Producer), Greg Weisman (Producer), Phil Bourassa (Art Director), Troy Baker (Geo-Force) and Stephanie Lemeline (Artemis) about what to expect when the show launches in 2019. Along with all of the DC Universe news and notes, we reviewed a Jinxworld comic as well! You can also hear our spoiler filled review of The Innocents from Netflix, hear our take on Matt Smith heading to Star Wars and a potential game changer for Xbox and Microsoft. Find out more about this week's show, and past weeks, at