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Down And Nerdy Podcast

Jul 29, 2014

This week we recap EVERYTHING that went down at ‪#‎SDCC‬ San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. From everything Marvel and DC, IDW and Boom! Studios Star Trek and Planet of the Apes crossover comic, and everything else in-between. Wonder Woman gets her first big screen treatment, the Thor controversy continues,...

Jul 25, 2014

This week we discuss the rise of indie comics and publishers, the first half of San Diego Comicon, Marvel changing another major character, tons of other news and much more!

Jul 18, 2014

This week we discuss the impact social media has made in geek culture and the comic book industry, Thor getting a makeover, Vampirella gets a nice anniversary gift, The Amazing Spiderman franchise in trouble, and much more!

Jul 11, 2014

Collections. We have them/had them at one point or another. This week we discuss what defines a collection, collections we have, collections we were forced to sell, and items we wish we still had. Along with interviews with Vampirella writer Nancy A. Collins, Alcatraz producer Grant Ellis, and other collectors who...

Jul 4, 2014

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, Cody stops by to discuss this milestone and the three of us also share our own paranormal stories and experiences. Also we discuss Dr. Who casting news, Incredible Hulk getting his own planet (possibly), and much more! Also Nick was at last week's Dave and Ghostbusters...